GlobalTech Industries


Headquarter and Production Facilities - Cornelia, Georgia

Cornelia, located in Habersham County, is built on the falling slopes of seven hills which together form Georgia's highest mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains. Current Population as counted last in July 2007 = 3,870. We are glad to be a major employer for the region. If you like to learn more about Cornelia, read further below.

GlobalTech Industries Building

Our Production and Headquarter building is located on the corner of Magnolia Lane and Veterans Memorial Drive. The manufacturing, warehouse and office spreads 60,000 Sq. Ft. With some seasonal fluctuations, we employ 300+ people from the region. Operation can run 10-hour shifts, five days per week.

Production Capablities 

We operate 50 weeks per year and have nine production lines available. On our flexible production lines, we can produce, for example, the following quantities per day:
•5,000 4x4 botanical pillar candles - decorated candles per day/per line
•7,000 3x3 pillar candles per day/per line
•20,000 votive candles per day/per line
•7,500-20,000 jar candle fills per day/per line

Candle Molds

We stock 20+ styles of molds that can be used for quantity production. If we need a new mold for your project, we have a specialty mold designer on staff.

Design and Development

Our design & creative development team can assist you with the creation of your own customized candle. Specialty mold designer on staff.
The production and development laboratory produces samples and runs extensive quality tests before we go into production. Packaging development can be done according to your specification. Read more here: Private Label Candles

Our Valued Proposition

We provide the finest customized candle products, delivering timely, quality driven service, and creating lasting, genuine partnerships.

Quality Control

Our fully staffed QA/QC group runs constantly stringent test procedures: fragrance solubility/fingerprint, temperature stress, color stability, wick evaluation, burn testing, package testing